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Options Trading Made Easy.
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We send alerts for the following :


Thousands of hours worth of research. All simplified into a few alerts.

A Team Of Analysts

A team of professional analysts with a proven track record are overseeing and discussing every trade to ensure the highest probability of success.

Options & Stock Alerts

Navigate through any economic pattern. Our analysts will show you when to short, and when to go long so you can thrive during any market.

Instant SMS & Emails

Alerts are delivered instantly to your phone via SMS, or to your email. You choose whatever works for you. Either way, it's instant and it's easy.

What people are saying

Rated 4.9 out of 5 based on 768 reviews

Pretty easy to follow along. Must know some of basics of executing a trade but other than that it's very simple.

Rafe Sundler
Satisfied User

Your service gives a whole new meaning to trading and what it takes to become successful.

Alex Sarcov
Veteran Trader

I didn't know when to buy or when to sell crypto or options. I have a full time job... but thanks to your service I've doubled my portfolio in less than 6 weeks.

James Cour
First time customer

I've been using mainly their QQQ alerts and I'm a happy camper!

Michelle Goldmann
Marketing Executive, Bubblewrap

I tried becoming a serious trader before and ended up losing my shirt. With SwingTrades I've been seeing gains consistently now and it's having an impact in my life.

Mark Lobart
Veteran Trader

I made the cost of the subscription back with my first 2 trades!

Peter Sink
First time trading options.

I looked at their last ETH alert and I must say I didn't agree with it but I followed it anyways. I ended up with a 43% gain.

Tom Schoger
Not an expert trader.

I was pretty skeptical at first, but my friend convinced me to try it. I'll never trade without this service again.

Rebecca Smith
Crypto Enthusiast

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